Collection: Kimono Handbag

Obi Silk Japanese Style Kimono Handbags.

Japanese Kimono handbags and Thai cotton lining fabric have all the rage and it’s a chance to make you look your best when you’re out on the town. The handbags are sizable enough that you can have a wallet and any of the important items with you without weighing you down in the process.
The cloth of Japanese handbags are colorful and the handle is just the right size to clutch at your side.
At toanoi, you can find the print that works best for you and your personality. Bright colors with Asian roses and other designs can be found, and you may even decide that you want multiple Kimono handbags to be able to coordinate with all of your fashions.
It’s important to have some kind of bag with you, and there’s no need to go out with a shoulder strap on a daily basis. The Japanese handbags are simple enough to carry what you want. Plus, it has the handle so it’s going to be easier to carry and perhaps carry some shopping bags as well.
These bags are ideal for going out on the town and using on a daily basis. Bring it along when you’re shopping, going out to lunch, or spending time with friends. Cosmetics, money, keys, and more are all at your side and it’s easier than filling up your pockets.
Look your best when you go out and about. Kimono style handbags are gaining in popularity and you may be the first one within your social circle to try out the trend.
The bags are bright, stylish, and easy to carry. 
Plus, with the fabric design, they are easy to keep clean so you never have to worry about having a less than stellar looking bag at your side.
Shop the designs today so that you can add a stylish accessory to your wardrobe.